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Dogs – The Night Rider

Back in 2006, the dirty Dogs recorded a handful of songs with Mike Pedrow at Rumenal Records. We had a bit of a plan but after the 2 days of recording, we only got as far laying everything down. We were out of cash and figured we would wait some time until we were all ready to jump back in again. Guitar player Cactus made the roughest of rough mixes so we had something to listen to before our next mixing session. I clearly remember asking Mike

“Aren’t you going to label the envelope?” that he had stuffed our working reels into.

“Nah, I’ll find em” he said, barely making eye contact. I had a feeling then, that this was not good.

Then, nothing, the winds of time blew over our lives and we never got around to booking another session. By the time we expressed interest in obtaining the tapes, we lost track of Mike or he lost track of his phone, and we lost touch..or he lost the envelope. (Mike call Jason)

Mike is a good guy, some amazing records have come out of Rumenal over the years. He even helped us with a PA and some live sound for a show at the Woodbridge Legion once. Come to think of it, this is the show were several people were repeatedly electrocuted during their set. (Naomi and Cactus mostly)

The Night Rider
“I’m a rocker, I’m a roller, I’m an out-of-controller” -The Night Rider

So here is the Night Rider, thank fully this exists at all. I began editing the video to a point, and then finished years after I started. The lyrics, from the film, are the anguished diatribes of a madman who lived to ride and rode to die. Live footage is from Dee’s in 2007 and the Bovine in 2012. A few more songs from this session are on bandcamp as “Rumenal Demo’ featuring interludes by our spiritual advisor, Sparks. Thank you to stinko crew who always come out and make our shows amazing. Video by John.

Skateboarding in Woodbridge and Toronto 1997

Skating downtown over a few summer nights in 1997 with friends. This edit was put together at the time in-camera with a few edits done to tighten it up. This hi8 camera let you program a bunch of edits, then you watched it buzz back and forth, spitting this sweet footage onto vhs tape. This vhs cassette tape was named “97-2 edit”, and I don’t remember if there ever was a 97-1.

Dave K.
Bri Pingle
Bri Kim
Jason (O.J.) P.
Dave I.
Domm Spina
Kris Sharon
The Motherbird
James Brant
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