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Skateboarding in Woodbridge and Toronto 1997

Skating downtown over a few summer nights in 1997 with friends. This edit was put together at the time in-camera with a few edits done to tighten it up. This hi8 camera let you program a bunch of edits, then you watched it buzz back and forth, spitting this sweet footage onto vhs tape. This vhs cassette tape was named “97-2 edit”, and I don’t remember if there ever was a 97-1.

Dave K.
Bri Pingle
Bri Kim
Jason (O.J.) P.
Dave I.
Domm Spina
Kris Sharon
The Motherbird
James Brant
J. Gluck
Terry Diaz


Screeching Weasel live in Toronto 1993

This was shot at the Silver Shack Pub in Kensington Market Toronto March 14 1993. I can’t believe how many old friends from King City, Rexdale, York Region are in this crowd, and we’re mostly 17-19 yrs old. Filmed by Shawn Merril on a tape that got passed around and dubbed as if there were no internet. Thanks to Cactus for hanging onto his copy so well. *update, video has been muted on youtube, thanks for visiting.

weasel crowd people

My pal Jamey and I made dubs of the tape last century but I lost track of my copy. Several years later, he found his copy and we were smart enough to make 3 more dubs of it while working at a post production house. One for me, one for him and another friend. Fast forward we lose track of it again! Cactus digs up his copy and here it as a bunch of years later. Great story huh? Here’s a better one. -J

It was the afternoon of Sunday March 14th, 1993 when JDM and I hopped on the bus and made our way down to Toronto from Woodbridge. Although the Screeching Weasel show wasn’t starting until 9pm we were way too excited to just sit at home and wait. We made our way to Kensington Market and headed to The Silver Shack. I can clearly remember getting there before any of the bands or even the promoter. John and I looked out the club window as a white van with a stenciled Screeching Weasel logo pulled up to the venue. We ran down the stairs and helped them load in their gear.

Local bands The Blundermen and Fall From Grace opened show, and for kids like us you couldn’t have asked for two better openers. After all, we went to school with those guys. Screeching Weasel took the stage and ripped through the perfect set. As I look back on that set list today I’m blown away by the awesomeness of the song selection. They were touring in support of their newly released Wiggle LP and they played a few songs from that album, but the set was mostly material from the My Brain Hurts record.

Friends of the promoter/members of the audience served as stage security as the best lineup ever of Screeching Weasel (Ben, Jughead, Vapid and Panic) performed what would be their only Toronto show. Ben’s new version of the band came through town 17 years later, but this marks the only Toronto performance of the classic lineup. -Cactus Vella

Holy fuck….I filmed this and lost my master copy years ago. Seriously, thank you for posting this. I also drove through a snowstorm to film Screeching Weasel at the Electric Banana in London the night before but that Master tape was also lost with this one. Cheers! -Shawn Merril