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Pouzza Fest photos

Pouzza Fest Montreal Canada pouzzafest.com

This amazing thing happens every year. Here are photos of people and bands from: Pouzza Fest 1 (2011), Pouzza Fest 4 (2014), Pouzza Fest 6 (2016), and a couple from Mini Pouzzas in Toronto… You should go!

Pouzza People

Summer Of ’92 – Long Kesh album stream

Summer of 92 long_kesh_cvr

SUMMER OF ’92’s third release, ‘Long Kesh’ features nine original songs including reworked, full band versions of songs from both 2004’s ‘Bullet’ EP and 2007’s ‘Saskatchewan’ EP, older songs that pre-date ‘Bullet’, brand new songs appearing here for the first time and two cover songs, Dramarama’s ‘Anything, Anything’ and Pete St. John’s traditionally inspired Celtic football club anthem ‘Fields of Athenry’.

Long Kesh’ marks the debut of Summer of ’92 as a full band. A release that took four years with members coming and going, houses were purchased, weddings were had, children were born, members returned, members moved to other cities or aboard. To sum up, life got in the way. Determined to see it through though and here it is. We think it was worth the wait. Enjoy. -so92

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Anti – Dote Videozine #1

Anti-Dote was a video series collecting short and loose live clips into into a package to fight boredom. In 2006, the video in cheap digital consumer still cameras was still pretty bad, but the convenience of these toycams was unbeatable. A few years after I shot these videos, I realized I had collected a good number, so I spliced some together and created these crusty tomes of a time ago.

In 2006, your memory card may not have held entire songs if filming the whole night, so like shooting on rolls of super8 decades before, I shot short snippets just to get a bit of that experience captured..in glorious VGA (320×240) resolution and tin can sound. Behold!