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Razorcake Podcast #414

My 5th podcast for Razorcake. Listen/Download this mp3 directly from here
(running time about 60 mins, filesize about 50MB)

See full descriptions of the episode, and find tons more Razorcake podcasts to listen to here


Kremlin, “Anti Septic” (Hardware)

Descendents, “Mr Bass” (New Alliance)
Complaint Box, “This Dog Is Done”
The Vindictives, “Seventeen” (Skull Duggery)
Government Issue, “Caring Line” (Giant)
Tom Gabel, “Amputations”
Sinkin’ Ships, “Running and Jumping”

Abyss, “Flesh Cult” (20 Buck Spin)
Triage, “Retaliatory Strike”
IDNS, “Real Man”
Dragged In, “Empty Glasses”
Dead Prez, “Fucked Up”
Malos Modales, “El Mundo Nos Mata (Drunken Sailor)

Jahangir, “5 Days” (Hardcore Kitchen)
Souad Abdullah, “unknown title” (Sublime Frequencies)
Black Tambourine, “Heartbeat” (Slumberland)
Stay Clean Jolene, “Record (live)”
Big Eyes, “Ain’t Nothing but the Truth” (Grave Mistake)

Frankie Stubbs, “This Modern World” (LittleLondonStudios)
Duncan Redmonds feat. Dickie Hammond, “Don’t Leave The Planet Without Me” (Boss Tuneage)
Donovan, “Get Thy Bearings”

Lungfish, “Creation Story” (Dischord)

Razorcake Podcast # 404

My 4th podcast for Razorcake. Listen/Download this mp3 directly from here
(running time about 60 mins, filesize about 50MB)

See full descriptions of this episode, and find tons more Razorcake podcasts to listen to here


PJ Harvey, “Snake”
Spokenest, “Sunshine”
ADD/C, “Say It Together“ (Do Ya Hear We)
Peace Be Still, “Dunston Checks In” (Sometimes I get Drunk)
School Damage, “Tales From The Dude Cave” (Brain Candy)
Little Dave Merriman, “You Know“ (HeWhoCorrupts)
U-Roy, “Natty Rebel”
Future Virgins, “Bitter Eyes” (Starcleaner)
Wonk Unit, “Murderer’s Shoe”
Frankie Stubbs, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Sounds Of Subterrania)
Iron Chic, “Climate Is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get” (All In Vinyl)
Muhammadali “Stars” (Dirt Cult)
Medictation, “Fishing” (Paper&Plastik)
Snuff, “Vikings” (Fat)
Gob, “Suds” (Landspeed)
Stiff Little Fingers, “Barbed Wire Love” (Rough Trade)
Baby J, “Forget” (Water Under The Bridge)
Mike Magarelli, “Box Jellyfish”[Leatherface] (Rubber Factory)
Tiltwheel, “Kids Enthralled By Fish, Eerie, PA.”(A.D.D.)
Masta Killa, “Street Corner” (Nature Sounds)

Summer Of ’92 – Long Kesh album stream

Summer of 92 long_kesh_cvr

SUMMER OF ’92’s third release, ‘Long Kesh’ features nine original songs including reworked, full band versions of songs from both 2004’s ‘Bullet’ EP and 2007’s ‘Saskatchewan’ EP, older songs that pre-date ‘Bullet’, brand new songs appearing here for the first time and two cover songs, Dramarama’s ‘Anything, Anything’ and Pete St. John’s traditionally inspired Celtic football club anthem ‘Fields of Athenry’.

Long Kesh’ marks the debut of Summer of ’92 as a full band. A release that took four years with members coming and going, houses were purchased, weddings were had, children were born, members returned, members moved to other cities or aboard. To sum up, life got in the way. Determined to see it through though and here it is. We think it was worth the wait. Enjoy. -so92

[bandcamp album=790371176 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=000000 size=grande3]

Rubber Factory Radio #1 with JDM

Cold Blue Sky at the Woodbridge Legion 414, 2003
Cold Blue Sky at the Woodbridge Legion 414, 2003

A radio set using criteria somewhere between sampling songs in the Rubber Factory distro, and playing some random tunes by old friends. I have not worked up the nerve to speak into a microphone yet, so guest samples from Wu Tang, Chomsky and Zanta carry the 39 min show. Enjoy!


AK47 – Why The Fuck Do You Think (Reason)
The Rebel Spell – Please Resist (G7)
Blastcaps – Spectator (Battersea)
Cold Blue Sky – Your Secret (Rubber Factory)
Crookedhook – Ends Meet (Sore Loser)
Flashlight – Ice Cold ‘Sweden’ (Double A)
Permanent Bastards – Business Never Personal
Summer of ’92 – Prayers In Vegas (self released)
Rome Romeo – Skin Temperature (Machete)
Hijack Delta – Mountains of Brick and Glass
Bidiniband – We Like To Rock (Pheromone)
The Burnitdowns – Andy Believed In Glass Mountains (Rubber Factory)
Sinkin’ Ships – Boothill (Sink & Destroy)
download here: RubberFactoryRadio-01 56mb mp3

Playstation Skatepark, London England 2000

Playstation skatepark in London UK circa July 2000, edited with 20th century codecs.
good dudes, rad park under the bridge. Got to see the ‘Meanwhile’ gap Gonz made famous in Video Days. I just found this in an old computer of mine. I can’t remember anyone’s name, all went to a party in Brixton and stayed up all night with Danish girls, random Euro travelers, and this lone Canadian. Can anyone tell me about this place? I’m not even sure what it’s called. rippers. thanks for the good time boyos!
Music: Dreaming by Leatherface
Video: jdm

Skateboarding in Woodbridge and Toronto 1997

Skating downtown over a few summer nights in 1997 with friends. This edit was put together at the time in-camera with a few edits done to tighten it up. This hi8 camera let you program a bunch of edits, then you watched it buzz back and forth, spitting this sweet footage onto vhs tape. This vhs cassette tape was named “97-2 edit”, and I don’t remember if there ever was a 97-1.

Dave K.
Bri Pingle
Bri Kim
Jason (O.J.) P.
Dave I.
Domm Spina
Kris Sharon
The Motherbird
James Brant
J. Gluck
Terry Diaz