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Pouzza Fest photos

Pouzza Fest Montreal Canada

This amazing thing happens every year. Here are photos of people and bands from: Pouzza Fest 1 (2011), Pouzza Fest 4 (2014), Pouzza Fest 6 (2016), and a couple from Mini Pouzzas in Toronto… You should go!

Pouzza People

Razorcake Podcast #414

My 5th podcast for Razorcake. Listen/Download this mp3 directly from here
(running time about 60 mins, filesize about 50MB)

See full descriptions of the episode, and find tons more Razorcake podcasts to listen to here


Kremlin, “Anti Septic” (Hardware)

Descendents, “Mr Bass” (New Alliance)
Complaint Box, “This Dog Is Done”
The Vindictives, “Seventeen” (Skull Duggery)
Government Issue, “Caring Line” (Giant)
Tom Gabel, “Amputations”
Sinkin’ Ships, “Running and Jumping”

Abyss, “Flesh Cult” (20 Buck Spin)
Triage, “Retaliatory Strike”
IDNS, “Real Man”
Dragged In, “Empty Glasses”
Dead Prez, “Fucked Up”
Malos Modales, “El Mundo Nos Mata (Drunken Sailor)

Jahangir, “5 Days” (Hardcore Kitchen)
Souad Abdullah, “unknown title” (Sublime Frequencies)
Black Tambourine, “Heartbeat” (Slumberland)
Stay Clean Jolene, “Record (live)”
Big Eyes, “Ain’t Nothing but the Truth” (Grave Mistake)

Frankie Stubbs, “This Modern World” (LittleLondonStudios)
Duncan Redmonds feat. Dickie Hammond, “Don’t Leave The Planet Without Me” (Boss Tuneage)
Donovan, “Get Thy Bearings”

Lungfish, “Creation Story” (Dischord)

Razorcake Podcast # 404

My 4th podcast for Razorcake. Listen/Download this mp3 directly from here
(running time about 60 mins, filesize about 50MB)

See full descriptions of this episode, and find tons more Razorcake podcasts to listen to here


PJ Harvey, “Snake”
Spokenest, “Sunshine”
ADD/C, “Say It Together“ (Do Ya Hear We)
Peace Be Still, “Dunston Checks In” (Sometimes I get Drunk)
School Damage, “Tales From The Dude Cave” (Brain Candy)
Little Dave Merriman, “You Know“ (HeWhoCorrupts)
U-Roy, “Natty Rebel”
Future Virgins, “Bitter Eyes” (Starcleaner)
Wonk Unit, “Murderer’s Shoe”
Frankie Stubbs, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Sounds Of Subterrania)
Iron Chic, “Climate Is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get” (All In Vinyl)
Muhammadali “Stars” (Dirt Cult)
Medictation, “Fishing” (Paper&Plastik)
Snuff, “Vikings” (Fat)
Gob, “Suds” (Landspeed)
Stiff Little Fingers, “Barbed Wire Love” (Rough Trade)
Baby J, “Forget” (Water Under The Bridge)
Mike Magarelli, “Box Jellyfish”[Leatherface] (Rubber Factory)
Tiltwheel, “Kids Enthralled By Fish, Eerie, PA.”(A.D.D.)
Masta Killa, “Street Corner” (Nature Sounds)

The Class Assassins – Start Again

No matter how tired you are, sometimes you gotta just go for it. And no matter how annoying it can be, I know that I sometimes need a fire under my ass to make things happen. It was a much needed holy day of rest for me but my old friends are playing on a hefty stage, in a long running band with an uncertain future with members moving cities, having teenagers,..being grandparents! Bands can drift apart even after holding tight for so long. I am very happy that I got out and filmed this song during sound check and then during the gig. The rest was filled in with bits from other songs, and a static cam on one side of the stage for emerg. cuts! It was a tight squeeze to say the least. These guys have always been so nice to me. Chad the singer gave me their first 7″ after a show way back at the Kathedral. Thank you and you’re welcome again Cactus and the Class Ass.

The Class Assassins – Start Again
members of Bitter Grin, Direct Action, Hockey Teeth, etc..
from the Treason 7″ (Rebel Time Records)
Chris, Gary, Cactus, Chad & Dave

shot at Sound Academy Toronto 2014 supporting Dropkick Murphys and The Mahones. Director: JDM

Dogs – The Night Rider

Back in 2006, the dirty Dogs recorded a handful of songs with Mike Pedrow at Rumenal Records. We had a bit of a plan but after the 2 days of recording, we only got as far laying everything down. We were out of cash and figured we would wait some time until we were all ready to jump back in again. Guitar player Cactus made the roughest of rough mixes so we had something to listen to before our next mixing session. I clearly remember asking Mike

“Aren’t you going to label the envelope?” that he had stuffed our working reels into.

“Nah, I’ll find em” he said, barely making eye contact. I had a feeling then, that this was not good.

Then, nothing, the winds of time blew over our lives and we never got around to booking another session. By the time we expressed interest in obtaining the tapes, we lost track of Mike or he lost track of his phone, and we lost touch..or he lost the envelope. (Mike call Jason)

Mike is a good guy, some amazing records have come out of Rumenal over the years. He even helped us with a PA and some live sound for a show at the Woodbridge Legion once. Come to think of it, this is the show were several people were repeatedly electrocuted during their set. (Naomi and Cactus mostly)

The Night Rider
“I’m a rocker, I’m a roller, I’m an out-of-controller” -The Night Rider

So here is the Night Rider, thank fully this exists at all. I began editing the video to a point, and then finished years after I started. The lyrics, from the film, are the anguished diatribes of a madman who lived to ride and rode to die. Live footage is from Dee’s in 2007 and the Bovine in 2012. A few more songs from this session are on bandcamp as “Rumenal Demo’ featuring interludes by our spiritual advisor, Sparks. Thank you to stinko crew who always come out and make our shows amazing. Video by John.