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The Rubber Factory takes its name from an old abandoned building that existed up to the mid 90’s, that slowly developed into a community centre for center for local town kids, skaters, and dirts.

Rubber Factory Records from Old Woodbridge and Toronto Ontario is based on friendships made at that time, new friends around the world, and continued by the love of art, music, skateboarding, and other quality time.

I just (2016) noticed that we’ve been been removed from Woodbridge Ontario’s Wikipedia page. Thanks to whomever made that entry many years ago, we are honored to be standing among greats like the inventors of delivery ice-cream. (we have footage)

Never forget: Back Street Chevy’s, Smoke Shop, Just Italian Ice Cream, Video 99, 4 Street Fighter machines in 4 buildings less than 100 m. away from each other, Badlands) Cosmetic Surgery Hospital, The Minimall, Becker’s, Squigi’s, Tony’s Hot Pot, Shark’s, & Chau’s.