Razorcake Podcast #414

My 5th podcast for Razorcake. Listen/Download this mp3 directly from Razorcake.org here
(running time about 60 mins, filesize about 50MB)

See full descriptions of the episode, and find tons more Razorcake podcasts to listen to here


Kremlin, “Anti Septic” (Hardware)

Descendents, “Mr Bass” (New Alliance)
Complaint Box, “This Dog Is Done”
The Vindictives, “Seventeen” (Skull Duggery)
Government Issue, “Caring Line” (Giant)
Tom Gabel, “Amputations”
Sinkin’ Ships, “Running and Jumping”

Abyss, “Flesh Cult” (20 Buck Spin)
Triage, “Retaliatory Strike”
IDNS, “Real Man”
Dragged In, “Empty Glasses”
Dead Prez, “Fucked Up”
Malos Modales, “El Mundo Nos Mata (Drunken Sailor)

Jahangir, “5 Days” (Hardcore Kitchen)
Souad Abdullah, “unknown title” (Sublime Frequencies)
Black Tambourine, “Heartbeat” (Slumberland)
Stay Clean Jolene, “Record (live)”
Big Eyes, “Ain’t Nothing but the Truth” (Grave Mistake)

Frankie Stubbs, “This Modern World” (LittleLondonStudios)
Duncan Redmonds feat. Dickie Hammond, “Don’t Leave The Planet Without Me” (Boss Tuneage)
Donovan, “Get Thy Bearings”

Lungfish, “Creation Story” (Dischord)

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