Razorcake Podcast

Razorcake Podcast # 404

My 4th podcast for Razorcake. Listen/Download this mp3 directly from Razorcake.org here
(running time about 60 mins, filesize about 50MB)

See full descriptions of this episode, and find tons more Razorcake podcasts to listen to here


PJ Harvey, “Snake”
Spokenest, “Sunshine”
ADD/C, “Say It Together“ (Do Ya Hear We)
Peace Be Still, “Dunston Checks In” (Sometimes I get Drunk)
School Damage, “Tales From The Dude Cave” (Brain Candy)
Little Dave Merriman, “You Know“ (HeWhoCorrupts)
U-Roy, “Natty Rebel”
Future Virgins, “Bitter Eyes” (Starcleaner)
Wonk Unit, “Murderer’s Shoe”
Frankie Stubbs, “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” (Sounds Of Subterrania)
Iron Chic, “Climate Is What We Expect, Weather Is What We Get” (All In Vinyl)
Muhammadali “Stars” (Dirt Cult)
Medictation, “Fishing” (Paper&Plastik)
Snuff, “Vikings” (Fat)
Gob, “Suds” (Landspeed)
Stiff Little Fingers, “Barbed Wire Love” (Rough Trade)
Baby J, “Forget” (Water Under The Bridge)
Mike Magarelli, “Box Jellyfish”[Leatherface] (Rubber Factory)
Tiltwheel, “Kids Enthralled By Fish, Eerie, PA.”(A.D.D.)
Masta Killa, “Street Corner” (Nature Sounds)

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