The Class Assassins – Start Again

No matter how tired you are, sometimes you gotta just go for it. And no matter how annoying it can be, I know that I sometimes need a fire under my ass to make things happen. It was a much needed holy day of rest for me but my old friends are playing on a hefty stage, in a long running band with an uncertain future with members moving cities, having teenagers,..being grandparents! Bands can drift apart even after holding tight for so long. I am very happy that I got out and filmed this song during sound check and then during the gig. The rest was filled in with bits from other songs, and a static cam on one side of the stage for emerg. cuts! It was a tight squeeze to say the least. These guys have always been so nice to me. Chad the singer gave me their first 7″ after a show way back at the Kathedral. Thank you and you’re welcome again Cactus and the Class Ass.

The Class Assassins – Start Again
members of Bitter Grin, Direct Action, Hockey Teeth, etc..
from the Treason 7″ (Rebel Time Records)
Chris, Gary, Cactus, Chad & Dave

shot at Sound Academy Toronto 2014 supporting Dropkick Murphys and The Mahones. Director: JDM

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