Too Many Daves – When Getting Awesome Goes Wrong

After the commercial success of “Dudes Room” The Daves had plans for a 6-act theatrical masterpiece and shipped me the footage for this hot new jam from Dawn of the Daves EP. Shawn “Mayor of Awesometown” Watkins claims that I coined the term ‘When getting awesome goes wrong’ during his visit to Canada but I don’t remember it.

This pool party footage was a pleasure to work on during the months of dark arctic tundra that we experience yearly. Thank goodness Decker is back in action, thanks goodness Blue the Dog has not been scooped by Hollywood agents. Thank goodness the Daves are out there, taking the pressure off all us sinners.
Too Many Daves Tampa

Too Many Daves
“Thanks to John for making us the best music video since Dudes Room” -Dave Disorder

starring: Dave Disorder, Dave Rcade, Davey Tilt, Joe Dave, Dave Decker, and Blue the dog
concept and camera by the Daves
editing and production by John
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