Too Many Daves – Dudes Room

Filmed by the Daves with a $50 camera and a worklight. Great direction goes a long way!

Dudes Room from the album “Weekend At Daves” by Too Many Daves
starring: Dave Decker, Dave Disorder, Dave Rcade, Davey Tilt, Joe Dave and Blue the dog
featuring: Shayna DeMedici, Vicki Morris, Jonny C Tamayo, Amanda Lee, Chewy Hemphill, Dixie Lee Hencke, Nickole Hanna, Nicolle Meeke, Tito Dacal, Monika Iwanow, Glenn Papp,
camera crew: Davey Quinn, Dave Disorder, Tito Dacal, Monika Iwanow
editing by John Di Marco at rubber factory

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